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Determination of blood type and other immunohematological tests

    Coombs Test, Direct (DCT), and Indirect (ICT), Antibody titers, etc.

    EXTRACTION OF BLOOD: Working days (Monday to Friday) from 07:30h to 10:00h in the ambulance 101 I floor. No special preparation is required.

    ISSUING REPORTS: Working days from 13:30h to 14:30h. If another person is picking up your report, they should know your date and year of birth as well as your unique identification number. Resports can be delivered via e-mail. According to the urgency and complexity of individual searches: Blood type Urgent: up to 2 hours Regular: in 24 hours

    BILLING SERVICE: If the client requests searches without a referral, the required laboratory tests are charged immediately to the current price list of ZTMFBiH. Receipts are made for each payment made

    NAME AND/OR SURNAME CHANGE OF CLIENT: For clients who have already been enrolled in the Information System, the name and/or surname may be changed if the following conditions are met: The client must show a health booklet (or a replacement document) with a new surname and/or name where their unique identification number is displayed

    Admission of samples extracted from the contracting institutions and accompanying documentation: Regular admission: working days (Monday to Friday) from 07:30h to 15:00h Urgent admission: every day from 00:00h to 24:00h

    ISSUING REPORTS: Contractors / Drivers of Contract Institutions. Private persons. Via e-mail.

    COMPLAINTS: In order to improve the quality of our work, please include all remarks and complaints in the appropriate form and insert it into the mailbox.

Department of Coagulative Disorders Detection

    Taking blood samples every working day from 07:30 to 10:00

    Picking up INR and APTT reports on the same day from 13:30 to 14:30

    Taking samples and issuing reports is done in the outpatient clinic no. 102 on the first floor of ZZTMFBiH

    The reports of large coagulograms are picked up the next working day from 13:30 to 14:30

    There is a possibility to send your reports via e-mail

    No special preparation is required.

    Note: For coagulation tests (large coagulograms), thrombophilic tests, platelet function tests, PCR analysis for gene mutation detection It is necessary to schedule an appointment

    Schedule appointment: 033 567-316 ;


    WORKING TIME FOR TAKING BLOOD SAMPLES: every working day 7:30 - 10:00

    WORKING TIME TO PICKUP REPORTS: every working day 13:30-14:30

    Taking samples and issuing reports is done in the outpatient clinic no. 101 on the first floor. For all information and for scheduling an appointment, you can call us at: 033 567-313;

    Responsible person: Elma Fejzić, Master of Biological Sciences

  • Typing HLA class I system antigen (CDC method)
  • Typing of HLA class I and II antigen (PCR-SSP method - Sequence Specific Primers) and PCR-SSO Method-Sequence Specific Oligos) Luminex Technology Microspheres Fluoroanalysis.
  • Typing HLA B27 antigen (CDC method and PCR-SSP method)
  • Panel of reactive antibodies HLA-PRA (CDC method, ELISA method and method on lumex apparatus)
  • Cross-test reaction cross-mach (CDC method)
  • Typing HLA-DQA1 antigen on high resolution (PCR-SSP method)
  • For a serological method (CDC) a 9 ml vacuum tube is required with anticoagulant heparin Type I and type HLA-B27 antigen.

    For molecular methods (PCR-SP, PCR-SO, a 5 ml vacuum tube is required with anticoagulant EDTA- Class I and Class I HLA antigens.

    For the test panel of reactive antibodies PRA, a 5 ml vacuum tube without anticoagulant is required.

The services of the Institute are charged according to the current Tariff of the FBiH Health Insurance and Reinsurance Institute"

 The full tariff can be downloaded on the link FBiH Health Insurance and Reinsurance Institute

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