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Transfusion Department at UKCS

Telephone: 033/ 297 372
Working hours: 0 - 24h
Employees: 7 medical technicians
Responsible technicians: Maida Andelija, graduated nurse

The core functionality of the department:

The transfusion department is a functional and organizational part of the Institute for Transfusion Medicine, but spatially belongs to the UKCS and is located in the building of the surgical clinic in the premises of the Anesthesia and Reanimation Clinic.

The Department performs the following clinical transfusion tasks:

  • Searches for blood and blood preparations from the Federal Bureau
  • Keeps and sells blood and blood products
  • Pre-transfusion testing
  • Keep records and documentation in accordance with the provisions of this Law
  • It monitors the effects of blood transfusion and blood products

Overview of Clinics that are supplied with the Department's blood preparations:

  • KUM
  • Intensive care C3
  • Abdominal Surgery C1, C4, C9
  • Toracal Surgery C6
  • Glandular Surgery C8
  • Child Surgery B6
  • Urology A I, A II
  • Orthopedics - trauma
  • Neurosurgery (NH-JIM, NH1, NH2)
  • Plastic surgery
  • geiko
  • JIIT
  • ORL
  • GAK
  • Angiology
  • MFH
  • Heart Center

Results of the department:

In the year 2014, the Department conducted an analysis:

  • KG i Rh - 32567
  • IRR - 16538