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Department for Preparative Transfusion

Department for Preparation of Blood Components


  • Manager: Alma Ljuca, transfuziologist, mag.menagmenta
  • 1 medical technician graduate Edin Karić
  • 3 medical technicians (Highschool degree)
    • Senahid Hodžić
    • Anel Selimović
    • Belma Huremović
    • Core function of the department: In the department for the preparation of blood components, reception, preparation and triage of whole blood from the hall and from the field is performed. Prepared and approved, total dose of blood and blood components are released to the Department for Immunohematological Blood Treatment, whereby blood and blood components are distributed .

      Activities of the Department:
      Production includes:

      1. The erythrocyte concentration in CPDA1 anticoagulant
      2. Erythrocyte concentrate in CPDA1 anticoagulant with reduced leukocyte count
      3. Erythrocyte Concentration in CPD Anticoagulants with Reduced Leukocyte Count In Adjuvant Solution
      4. The erythrocyte concentration in CPD anticoagulants in adjuvant
      5. Patients with one full dose of blood
      6. Thrombocytoplasm, "pool", prepared from buffy coat
      7. Plasma enriched with platelets
      8. Freshly frozen plasma in CPDA1 anticoagulant
      9. Freshly frozen plasma in CPD anticoagulant
      10. Freshly frozen plasma with reduced number of leukocytes
      11. Blood preparations for newborns (erythrocyte concentrate in reduced leucocyte counts, blood for exanguy - transfusions)

      Equipment of the Department:

      1. Automation of production
      2. Computerization of the process
      3. Introducing "buffy coat" methods of obtaining platelets
      4. Space / thermal adaptation and sound isolation/

      Results of work of the department:
      Over the last few years, significant changes have been introduced in the production of blood components to improve the quality of the patient:

      • An increase in the amount of processed blood on the components at 99.92%
      • An increase in the number of leukopiltrated erythrocytes ("prestorage"),
      • Appearance of all blood products without breaking the sterile barrier

      Annual collection of full blood and blood components collected from DDK and production of various blood products is one third of total blood production for the entire Federation of BiH.

      The preparation of blood components is carried out by adequate training of staff in accordance with precisely defined working instructions, while respecting the current recommendations of the Council of Europe.

      WORKING HOURS: 7.30-20.00
      Tel: +387 33 567 330