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Department of blood collection

Department for Immunohematological Treatment of Blood

ORGANIZATIONAL CYCLE: The Department of blood collection

Department for Immunohematological Treatment of Blood
telephone: 033 567 301 i 567 315

The manager of the department: dr Đozo Aida,spec.transfusiologist
Responsible technician: Alma Agić, graduated nurse

Sampling time is every 8-10 days at ambulance 101. Patients must have accompanying documentation, ie referral from DZ, family medicine outpatient, Institute for the Protection of Women's and Maternity Welfare, General Hospital, or UKCS and approval if it is from another canton, as well as a health booklet. Patients who do not have the proper documentation, cost themselves the cost of the analysis, according to the current price list. The release of the reports is from 9am to 10am the following day. Samples for clinical patients are received from 0 to 24 h, as well as emergency cases, which are completed in an emergency procedure. Patients/pregnant women can sleep before the blood sampling.

Types of analyzes performed in the Department for Immunohematological Treatment of Blood:

  1. Pregnancy-First Control, Kg and Rh Factor
  2. Pregnancy-Second and Future Controls (RH Negative)
  3. Outpatient Patients (Blood type)
  4. Clinical Patients (Blood type)
  5. Newborn-Blood type and DCT (Direct COOMBS Test)
  6. Intereaction-pretransfusion test compatibility
  7. Indirect antiglobulin test (indirect COOMBS test) -ICT
    • micromethod-URGENT
    • micromethod-SERIES
    • review test on cold antibody
  8. Identification of anti-erythrocyte antibodies
    • panel (ICT)
    • panel (ICT + enzyme)
  9. Determination of unclear blood types
  10. Rh phenotype
  11. Determination of weak D (RHD weak)
  12. Determination of erythrocyte antigens:
    1. Antigen P1
    2. Antigen Le a(Lewis a)
    3. Antigen Le b(Lewis b)
    4. Antigen Lu a(Lutheran a)
    5. Antigen Lu b(Lutheran b)
    6. Antigen Kell
    7. Antigen Jka
    8. Antigen Jkb
    9. Antigen M
    10. Antigen N
    11. Antigen S
    12. Antigen s
    13. Antigen Fy a
    14. Antigen Fy b
  13. Direct Antiglobulin Test (DCT) -polispecific
  14. Direct Anti-Globulin Test (DCT) -mononospecific
  15. DC Screening(IgG,IgM,Ig,C3d)
  16. Titer of anti-erythrocyte antibodies
  17. Elution of anti-erythrocyte antibodies
  18. Molecular testing of weak D antigens